Szkolenia z jazdy defensywnej i ekojazdy dla firm, klientów indywidualnych oraz instruktorów

A number of other practical and classroom training courses, e.g. in traffic regulations and first aid.

Individual training with various advanced driving trainers in 2000-2023.

Several hundred hours of internal training at Renault Safe Driving School (Szkoła Bezpiecznej Jazdy Renault) – defensive driving, ecodriving, skidpan and other (2011-2018)

Defensive driving training at Europejskie Centrum Szkolenia Kierowców (2008-2009).

10+ skidpan courses,including at the Goodwood Circuit (UK), at Szkoła Jazdy Subaru and Akademia Jazdy Opel (2000-2010).

Training in the behavioural aspects of driver training and in coaching techniques at the British company AXA Matrix, 2013.

Training in off-road driving using vehicles with various engines and transmissions (Task 4x4, 2017).

In 2012, I completed a four-day intensive ecodriving and defensive driving course at Key Driving Competences in Leuven, Belgium.

In 2010, I was the first and so far only person from Poland to graduate from a 6-week, elite defensive driving training at the Institute of Advanced Motorists in London. The course included over 2,000 km of training drives.

Wojciech Szajnert

Defensive driving instructor

My training services are available throughout the year, on all days of the week, throughout Poland.

I issue VAT invoices.

tel. +48 668 193 668



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Wojciech Szajnert – defensive driving instructor

Kursy bezpiecznej jazdy dla firm, klientów indywidualnych oraz instruktorów

The field in which I specialise, and my long-term passion, is defensive driving. I have 12 years of experience in advanced driving coaching. I am a graduate of numerous defensive driving courses in Poland, the UK and Belgium, which includes a defensive driving training course at the Institute of Advanced Motorists in London.


I also provide consulting services in the area of fleet safety. Driver training, no matter how well executed, is usually not sufficient as a means of improving fleet safety. It is usually also necessary to take a number of company-wide administrative and management measures. Some of the concepts I use in my fleet safety advisory work include Behaviour-based Safety (BBS), the Heinrich Safety Pyramid and the Bradley Curve. 


I also have significant experience in conducting other types of safe driving training. Since 2011, I have been a certified B-category advanced driving instructor (certificate number W0323). So far, I have trained about 1,000 drivers in practical courses (skidpan, defensive driving, ecodriving), and about 2,000 people in classroom courses. You can find more information on this topic in the Experience’ tab.
From 2011 to 2018, I worked at the Renault Safe Driving School (Szkoła Bezpiecznej Jazdy Renault) in Warsaw as an instructor, author of training programs and director of operations.
Since 2019, I have worked as an independent instructor under the Trenerjazdy.pl brand. I provide training services to both business fleets and individual clients, in Polish and English.

In addition to passing on my knowledge to others, I regularly participate in training courses myself. I have completed the following courses, among others:


I have had dozens of publications and media appearances on topics related to driving, including on TVN Turbo, Polsat, TVP, Polish Radio and in the automotive industry press.


I have had a driving licence since 1999. During training sessions alone, I have already driven over 50,000 kilometres. In my life I have driven over 100 different models of vehicles, from microcars to delivery vans, with all types of engines, with power ranging from several dozen to several hundred horsepower.
For me, defensive driving is not only a profession. It has also been my private passion for more than 20 years, and I enjoy sharing it with other people. Despite doing it for a long time, it still brings me great satisfaction. In my everyday driving, I practice what I preach, and my intention is to cause a real change in my students' behaviour on the road.