Szkolenia z jazdy defensywnej i ekojazdy dla firm, klientów indywidualnych oraz instruktorów

Defensive driving training, as well as all my other training services, can be purchased as a gift.


Currently, I do not conduct skidpan courses. All my training courses are carried out in normal road traffic on a public road. Also, please note that all my practical training courses are conducted in participants' vehicles.


My training services are not intended for people who have not driven a car for a long time and would like to learn how to drive again. Only drivers who have had a Category B driving licence for at least six months, have driven a total of at least 5,000 kilometres and drive at least twice a week on average may participate in practical training.

My training services are available throughout Poland, including Warsaw, Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Wrocław, Łódź, Lublin, Białystok and Poznań. I issue VAT invoices.
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Defensive driving courses for individual clients

I enjoy working with individual clients. My training sessions are conducted in a friendly and professional atmosphere and are filled with useful content and practical exercises. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their experience level, gender and age. I guarantee that everyone will gain valuable knowledge and skills from the training. I provide training in Polish and English, in the entire area of Poland.


I specialise in defensive driving and this is the type of training I recommend in particular to all my clients. In addition, you are welcome to participate in my other training courses:

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Training focused on topics suggested by the participant, e.g. safe overtaking, safe cornering, driving at night, driving in fog, driving smoothly, motorway driving, driving on mountain roads.

Safe driving courses in English for non-Polish drivers who would like to familiarise themselves with Polish road traffic

Ecodriving – training that allows a 20–30% reduction in fuel consumption without sacrificing one’s journey time.

I also conduct this type of training on electric and hybrid vehicles.

Wojciech Szajnert

Defensive driving instructor

My training services are available throughout the year, on all days of the week, throughout Poland.

I issue VAT invoices

tel. +48 668 193 668



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