Szkolenia z jazdy defensywnej i ekojazdy dla firm, klientów indywidualnych oraz instruktorów

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Defensive driving training

– the perfect gift for a loved one

Detailed information about the training courses I offer can be found in the Defensive driving training for individual clients tab.

I can develop a training programme tailored exactly to the needs and preferences of the recipient of the gift. It is possible to negotiate all the details of the course:

All my training courses in defensive driving, ecodriving and their variations can be purchased as a gift. It is a great gift for a partner, young driver or friend. Because what more valuable gift can be given to someone than their safety?

Szkolenie z bezpiecznej jazdy samochodem jako prezent

Tailor-designed training courses

Thematic scope, e.g. city driving, motorway driving, winter driving, correct overtaking exercises, driving at night, driving in difficult road conditions, driving smoothly.

Type of training (defensive driving training in normal road traffic, ecodriving training).

Duration of training (the optimal time is 3–5 hours; for longer training sessions, it is best to divide them into separate days).

How to order

Please get in touch by e-mail or telephone first. We will discuss what type of training is the most appropriate for the gift recipient, and we will determine the location and price. Based on that I will send you a written proposal with a detailed description of the planned training. If you confirm your interest, I will issue an invoice. Once you have paid the course fee, I will send you a personalised gift voucher, which you can then print and give as a gift to the recipient. Then the trainee may contact me directly at a convenient time (within up to one year) so that we can arrange the date and exact location of the training session.

Any location in Poland

All my training services are available in the entire region of Poland. 


Since my defensive driving and ecodriving courses are conducted in normal road traffic, they can be held in virtually any location. In practice, it is best to choose a place with convenient access to a diverse collection of roads.

Individual approach and experience

I have conducted dozens of training sessions for private individuals – women and men of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels.


I guarantee that everyone will gain useful skills from our meeting. The goal is not to theorise: we always seek results that directly translate into the trainee’s everyday driving.


I conduct my training courses in a friendly and professional manner, with due respect paid to traffic regulations and other safety rules. 


All my practical training courses are conducted in participants' vehicles.


All my services are available in English. I speak fluent English and have taught a number of classroom and in-vehicle driver training courses in English. 

Wojciech Szajnert

Defensive driving instructor, fleet safety expert

My training services are available throughout the year, on all days of the week, throughout Poland.

I issue VAT invoices

tel. +48 668 193 668



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